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At Site4 we can supply, customise and implement a complete e-commerce solution which will allow you to take orders and payments securely over the internet in your own online shop.

For e-commerce solutions choose Site4, Leyland, Lancashire as your partner

We offer a variety of solutions, including the award winning SellerDeck Catalog shopping cart software range (previously called Actinic) which can operate as a stand-alone solution, or integrate with your existing order processing and payment systems and website.

We can include a whole host of features on your e-commerce site to improve its functionality and provide interaction with your customers and suppliers.

E-commerce Consultancy

Site4 are also happy to provide consultancy advice on any aspect of moving your business into the world of e-commerce including helping you develop your business strategy and advising on any possible government funding or tax breaks.

We also provide an ad hoc service for assisting with various parts of the e-commerce implementation process including setting up secure order and payment facilities and integrating the e-commerce process into existing business processes and systems.

Working together we have updated customer's e-commerce websites including integrating payment service prviders, overhauling old template designs, updating site content and in some cases redesigning a site from scratch. We have also integrated the various Actinic shops with Sage 50 Accounts software as well as providing book-keeping and management accounting services. As a result we have helped revolutionise customer's back office processes and systems.

Sage Accredited Accountant Partner

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