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Sage Accounting and Payroll Software

Site4 are an Sage Accountants Club Accredited Partner

At Site4 we have been selling, installing and maintaining Sage software for our clients across the UK's north west and further afield across the UK for many years. We are fully accredited authorised Sage resellers and are an award winning Sage Accountants Club Accredited Partner.

We can draw on over 20 years IT, accountancy and financial experience from our qualified staff.

In terms of Sage accreditation we are fully accredited Sage 50 resellers - Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll and supply the full range of Sage 50 and Sage Instant software.

As the Sage range of products is rather large we have split it for your convenience. See below for Sage accounting software, payroll and software support cover. Click here for details of Sage HR (personnel) and P11D software, click here for Sage 50 CIS software and please click here for Sage Training.

We can also supply all the accompanying Sage stationery for use with your Sage software with discounts off Sage's prices.

If you are currently using a manual book-keeping system or home-spun solution computerising your accounts onto Sage software will improve the financial information you have regular access to, which should benefit the performance of your business. Using Sage software will remove problems caused by a manual book-keeping system and maintaining your records accurately on Sage will also in the vast majority of cases lead to lower accountancy fees for preparing your annual accounts.

Migrate to Sage 50 accounts or payroll software from an alternative software manufacturer and benefit from all the advantages of using Sage with Site4. We also offer extra discounts on Sage software for charities and onsite installation, private training and consultancy for charities across the UK.

Change of name for Sage Line 50 Software!

The Sage Line 50 accounting software range was given a new name in 2007 but many years on still causes confusion particularly now Sage have added "C" to the name. As part of the Sage 50 Suite of software Sage Line 50 is now known as Sage 50 accounts C software and has the simple Sage 50 prefix before each different version and C at the end of the name See below for a simple list of the old and new names. Sage 50 Accounts Plus is no more, so if you require the functionality that was in that you will need to go for Accounts Professional C.

Old Line 50 Name

New Sage 50 Name

Sage Line 50 Accountant

Sage 50 Accounts C

Sage Line 50 Financial Controller

Sage 50 Accounts Professional C

Sage 50 Software - Sage 50 Accounts Software

The Sage 50 range of Sage accounting software is aimed at smaller and growing businesses and covers Sage 50 Accounts Essentials, Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

The Sage 50 Accounts software range links in with Sage payroll software products - Payroll, Payroll Professional, and also Sage Financial Forecasting and Sage Job Costing software (except Accountant).

If you require multi company or multi user licenses for your Sage 50 software please contact us and we will be happy to quote you for your exact requirements. Sage 50 Accounts Essentials (based on the old Sage Instant Accounts Plus), Sage 50 Accounts and Accounts Plus allows you to buy licences for up to 2 users and Sage 50 Accounts Professional allows you to buy licences up to 10 users*. 3 of the 4 variants allow you to licence up to 100 companies, whereas Sage 50 Accounts Essentials is single company only. The standard is a single company single user licence, all extra users and companies incur an extra cost.

*You can also now opt for the subscription licence which alllows you to buy licences for up to 20 users with Sage 50 Accounts Professional. Contact us for more details.


Sage 50 Accounts, Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional Software

The Sage 50 accounts software range (Sage Line 50 accounting software range) is the UK's best selling accounting software and is recommended by 90% of accountants.

For details of Sage 50 Accounts Essentials see further below.

Sage 50 accounts software speeds up procedures by simplifying complex accounting tasks and ending repetitive tasks offering businesses convenience, flexibility, simplicity and value for money.

Sage 50 Accounts provides core accounting functionality such as calculating profit and loss, balance sheets and budget reporting. The Foreign Trader module is also available to buy as an Add-On module to Sage 50 Accounts and Accounts Plus with an annual licence fee.

Sage 50 Accounts Plus builds on Sage 50 Accounts by also offering project costing, stock management, Bill of Materials, fixed asset register, individual customer price lists and cheque printing.

Sage 50 Accounts Professional goes one step further offering foreign trader support for standard VAT Accounting and since v2014 also for VAT Cash Accounting, cash sales, sales and purchase order processing, advanced stock management, repeat orders, mix and match invoicing and the option to have up to 10 users (extra costs apply for additional users and if you choose the subscription licence you can have up to 20 users).


Click on the link for a simple tick chart comparison of the product features for the Sage 50 accounting software product range.

If you want to see all changes introduced in recent versions - click on the link for a simple tick chart comparison of ALL new product features added from v2010 to NEW v2016 (v22) for the Sage 50 accounting software range.

Sage 50 Accounts Subscription

The Sage 50 Accounts subscription offers the benefit of a pay monthly "subscription" structure where effectively you lease the software and pay as you go and you are always on the latest version on the software, however, if you stop paying you have no access to the software.

This is now the only way you can buy a Sage 50 Accounts licence and it is now known as Sage 50c Accounts and Accounts Professional.

Contact Site4 today on 0800 042 7243 for more information.

Sage 50 Accounts Essentials Software

The entry level Sage Accounting software range - Sage Instant Accounts and Instant Accounts Plus made light work of bookkeeping letting you record, control and examine your business' finances easily and quickly including VAT, end of year accounts and invoicing, as quick and easy as possible.

It was ideal for producing the accounts of small businesses, allowing you to store all customer, supplier and product information, keep accounts up to date and produce profit and loss and balance sheet reports for an instant financial overview. You could also generate professional quotations and invoices and understand the profitability of quotes and invoices before committing to them.

Both Sage Instant Accounts and Instant Accounts Plus also offered all the ledgers required for double-entry bookkeeping along with useful reports, tables and graphs to help you quickly keep a track on your business finances.

In addition, seamless integration with the Sage 50 Mobile app allowed you to securely access the key data for your business anywhere.

Both Sage Instant Accounts software packages were single company only; Instant Accounts was a single user product and Instant Accounts Plus allowed up to 2 users.

February 2016 - Sage Instant Accounts and Sage Instant Accounts Plus is now Sage 50 Accounts Essentials

As of February 2016 you can no longer buy a new licence for Sage Instant Accounts and Instant Accounts Plus as both products have been replaced by Sage 50 Accounts Essentials.

Sage 50 Accounts Essentials is based on Sage Instant Accounts Plus with a few extra features added and is available for 1 or 2 users and can be bought either with a perpetual licence or on a subscription basis (monthly or annual) for a single or 2 users. Sage 50 Accounts Essentials is a single company product only. If you require more companies you need to choose Sage 50 Accounts, Accounts Plus or Professional. The Sage 50 Accounts Essentials subscription licence are available with a choice of Online Cover or you can also add on telephone support as well and you can add on the Foreign Trader module as well.

Click on the link for a simple tick chart comparison if you are not sure which product you require out of Sage 50 Accounts Essentials, Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Sage 50 Payroll and Payroll Professional Software

7.5 million workers in the UK are paid by Sage Payroll software products every month making it the UK's favourite way to pay its employees.

New names! Sage 50 Payroll was previously called Sage Payroll and Sage 50 Payroll Professional was previously called Sage Payroll Professional.

Sage 50 Payroll software

New Sage 50 Payroll offers flexible and easy to use facilities that will save you hours of work every payday and reduce errors made by manual calculations.

Sage 50 Payroll takes care of all the complex and time consuming tasks involved in paying employees, accurately completing Year End returns and complying with all relevant government legislation including the RTI system and Pensions Automatic Enrolment.

RTI - Real Time Information changes to PAYE by HMRC

HMRC has introduced the biggest change to the PAYE scheme since it was introduced in the 1940s. Real Time Information is the new system by HMRC, which meanS that employers are required to send data about PAYE, NIC and student loans every time they pay their employees, instead of with their end of year tax return. The system was phased in from April 2013 and became mandatory for all employers in October 2013.


RTI isn't, however, the only big change for employers as under Workplace Pension Reform from October 2012 employers had to start to provide a Qualifying Pension Scheme and opt all eligible employees in to it by making a minimum employers contribution. The reform was phased in over 4 years, starting with large companies first and will apply to all companies by February 2017.

To ensure the introduction of compulsory pension contribution is as simple as possible, Sage 50 Payroll software now includes the ability to record details of the pension scheme provided. The software records which employees have opted in or out, whether, they have made employee contributions themselves and when the auto-enrolment review date is due.

New Sage 50 Payroll software has been updated to help your business prepare for Automatic Enrolment whilst still providing everything you need to run your payroll as before.

For a Guide to Pensions Automatic Enrolment including staging dates click here.


The Pensions Centre gives you all the knowledge, tools and resources you need to create the most seamless and stress move into Automatic Enrolment for your busness. How?

You can enter your staging date into the Pensions Centre and create your personalised Action Plan based on The Pensions Regulator's best practice and Sage research to help you get prepared and stay on track.

The Pensions Centre also lets you set up your Pensions quickly and easily with Fast Track Pensions; with direct access to leading Pension providers including NEST and NOW Pensions.

You can understand the cost of Automatic Enrolment on your business by calculating the contributions and trying out different scenarios.

Create reminders to keep everyone up to date with what needs to be done and export to Outlook, iCal and other calendars and you can also access Automatic Enrolment information in the best format for you: using "Show me how", get to grips with the jargon with quick audio clips and learn from video clips as you work.

As before for extra ease Sage 50 Payroll software products integrate with the last few versions of Sage Accounting software, P11D and Human Resources products. Integration with Microsoft Excel was also improved with v2010 to make it even easier to transfer your data. If you have any questions please ask us.

Sage 50 Payroll Professional offers extra features over and above Sage 50 Payroll including:
The ability to monitor changes with Exception Reporting, to save time, calculation drill downs for Year to Dates, choose which variant of backup to take either Payroll or Payroll Professional and save time by performing a number of important payroll tasks simultaneously across all or selected companies saving you time and effort.

Note: When determining the number of employees you require a license for Sage 50 Payroll software range the number you need is the total number of current employees and leavers in the tax year.

If you have less than 25 employees you now have the option to buy an annual license plan (ALP) that has to be renewed each year. The Sage 50 Payroll Exchange annual licence plan includes the software plus legislative updates, online HR advice and Sage telephone support. If you have more than 50 employees you can choose to either buy a traditional style perpetual licence with standard Cover or Cover Extra or a subscription licence which means you will always be on the latest version and also includes legislative updates, online HR advice and Sage telephone support.

Need help choosing which Sage Payroll software is right for your business? Perpetual or Subscription Licence?

For help deciding whether you want to buy a perpetual or a traditional style licence or even a People Package that also includes HR software, HR Advice professional as well as Sage 50 Payroll Professional with Sage Cover Extra and for multi-company versions of Sage 50 Payroll or Sage 50 Payroll Professional software please contact us on 07596 617351 for a quick quote and some help.

Users of Sage 50 Payroll Professional that buy a multi-company version can manage multiple payrolls and this provides an ideal payroll solution for businesses with several companies or those companies that offer a payroll bureau service to their customers. This provides a flexible way to simultaneously process a number of important payroll tasks across all or selected companies saving you time and effort including updating all companies with the same date, print payslips for all companies together and print any pre or post update reports for all companies.

Sage 50 Payroll Range on Subscription

Sage 50 Payroll subscription is now the only way to buy your Sage payroll software. It offers the benefit of a pay monthly or annual "subscription" structure where effectively you lease the software and pay as you go and you are always on the latest version on the software, however, if you stop paying you have no access to the software. The Sage 50 Payroll subscription also includes telephone support from Sage.

The Pensions Module - Add-on Module to Sage 50 Payroll Software

The New Sage 50 Payroll software will help you prepare for Automatic Enrolment. To complement this Sage have also introduced The Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module, which is an additional paid for feature, available only on an Annual Licence Plan which will help automate the process, reducing the on-going day to day administration burden of Automatic Enrolment.

For full details and to buy the Pensions Module click here.

Note: The Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module is not a standalone product, it is an Add-On module and can be only be added onto the Sage 50 Payroll Auto Enrolment Edition v20 and New v21 version of the software. If you have a previous version of the software please contact us for an upgrade price for your existing Sage 50 Payroll software.

Sage Cover

Sage support known as Sage Cover is now included to some degree or other with each Sage subscription package. With some packages you can choose the level of support when you buy your software susbscription others only have 1 option;.

Sage Software Upgrades

Please call us on 07596 617351 or email us for prices for Sage software upgrades. In order to quote you we require your existing Sage license key, the name and address the software is licensed to, the existing product details and what you would like to upgrade to. For charity discounts on Sage upgrades please also supply your UK registered charity number.

Sage Line 50 Data Conversion to Sage 50 / Sage 50c

If you've got Sage 50 Accounts v2012 (v18) or a prior version of Sage Line 50 we offer a Sage data conversion service which converts your data into a format that can be restored into New Sage 50 Accounts version v2019 (v25) software if you have a perpetual licence on Sage 50c v2019 if you have a new subscription licence. Click here for more information about our Line 50 data conversion service.

Bite Size Sage Classroom Training Courses

We offer a large range of half day Bite Size Sage classroom training courses including Sage Payroll and Sage Accounts courses in Euxton, Chorley. Lancashire. Click the link for more course details.

Sage On-site support and assistance

If you require help installing Sage, on-site support, training or any other assistance for your Sage software products please contact us at Site4 and we will be happy to quote you. Our offices are in Leyland in Lancashire. We can provide on-site services in Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester, North Cheshire and across the UK mainland and Scottish Islands for all businesses including charities. If required we can also provide Sage consultancy and training onsite in the Channel Islands. Please contact us to confirm availability of consultants.

As part of our range of accounting services we can also offer assistance with running your management accounts, purchase and sales ledgers, generating invoices and running your payroll.

Sage Accredited Accountant Partner


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